With Real Chicken, Salmon or Tuna.

Feed your cat’s adventurous spirit with our delicious WHISKAS® Recipes, with high quality protein.

Now with Real Chicken, Salmon or Tuna

Why Real Chicken, Salmon or Tuna?

We know that cats are carnivores and crave quality protein just like big cats in the wild. That’s why WHISKAS® Recipes have always been made with a delicious combination of plant and animal proteins. Now they have real chicken, salmon or tuna to give cats even more of what they need and love.

Why Real Chicken, Salmon or Tuna?
100% Complete and Balanced

100% Complete and Balanced

Just like big cats, little cats need a proper balance of nutrients like water, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy lifestyle. WHISKAS® Dry Food is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced to help keep your cat vital and full of life.

A fresh meal everytime*

Cats prefer smaller, fresh meals throughout the day. WHISKAS? PERFECT PORTIONS? is a single serve meal for cats – so your cat can enjoy a perfectly sized fresh portion at every meal with less mess!

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Fresher meals for your cat – tidier mealtimes for you
*Freshly opened individual portions
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